Big. Fast. Intelligent. Three words that define the future of data. Structure Data is bringing together the world’s top computer scientists, software executives and business users to discuss how advances in data technology are already reshaping our world—and why it’s only the beginning. This March, learn the real promise of big data.

At Structure Data we’ll explore…

  • How artificial intelligence and machine learning are already touching our lives, and where they’ll go next.
  • Now that “big” isn’t enough, what is the future of data-management software?
  • How the world’s most innovative companies are using data to keep users happy and revenue flowing.
  • Why the Internet of Things is making us rethink how we build products and manage data.
  • The state of cybersecurity and whether advanced data analysis can really help thwart attacks.
  • The secrets to selling enterprise software in a world where open source and cloud computing are the new normal.
  • How the biggest names in media are growing readership – and building brands – around data.
  • The democratization of data analysis, from next-generation visualization machine learning APIs.
  • Business use cases of data across multiple industries.