Introducing Structure, a new tech events company

We’re getting (some of) the band back together.

When Gigaom abruptly shut down last March, the world lost not just a storied tech blog but a vibrant and growing series of tech events, a forum based on editorial integrity in which some of the most important issues of our world were hashed out and where visionaries and startups could mix, mingle, and learn from each other.

As several of us wondered what to do next, we realized pretty quickly in talking to our contacts in the tech industry that the demise of the Structure Series — Structure, Structure Data, and Structure Connect — left quite a void in the yearly calendar. So over the past several months, a series of quiet conversations began in hopes of bringing back this one-of-a-kind event portfolio.

Today we are thrilled to announce that several former members of the Gigaom team are picking up the pieces of the series and bringing them back to life, beginning this November with the first Structure event — the cloud-focused event traditionally held in June — to be held in San Francisco.

Clare Ryan, Gigaom’s former Vice President of Events, is leading the new company, and I’m going to be Executive Editor. We’ll also be joined by Erin McMahon and Stacey Tomlinson of longtime Gigaom event partners Magnify Communications, as well as the former Gigaom marketing team behind those events.

Structure LLC is a newly formed company that purchased the Structure event assets from Gigaom’s creditors with the goal of maintaining the Structure Series at the forefront of live technology events and bringing the entire community of Structure supporters together again. To that end, while Structure LLC was not involved in the decision by Gigaom to cancel previous events and does not have any legal obligations related to them, the company intends to provide accommodation for individuals and companies that had signed up to attend or sponsor canceled events. Structure has no connection to Knowingly Corp., which acquired in May, and is not backed by any former Gigaom investors.

Structure will take place November 18th and 19th at the Julia Morgan Ballroom in San Francisco and attendees can expect to see many familiar faces on stage and in the audience.  We’re in the process of building a new website and we’ll share more details about the agenda and speakers over the next few weeks.

We are beyond excited at the chance to salvage something from the unfortunate end of a company that enabled us to put out a product that made us proud. We intend to nurture a series of events that live up to the ideals Om Malik set out for Gigaom when he founded the company:

  • Give respect: the respect we want.
  • Take less, give more.
  • Others don’t have to lose for us to win.
  • Better, not more.
  • Keep it simple, keep it honest.

Please join us in November at Structure, and please follow us on Twitter @StructureSeries. We’ll have many more details to share in the next few weeks.